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How to Avoid Boring in A Long Trip For Extrovert And Introvert Kids

Having a long trip with the kids can be very tedious, especially if the trip lasts up to 6 hours, and there's nothing we can do in a public transportation. If we use our own vehicles, you can stop at certain places for a brief rest. But how if you traveling by a not really big public transportation, such as a bus or small ferry ship? You will feel like being stuck in it without being able to do anything! You can’t ask the driver to stop in places that you wish just to eliminate fatigue. The other passengers will angry!

Long trips tips for extrovert and introvert kids

If you are traveling alone, you can amuse yourself by doing a variety of activities that you like. But if you are traveling with kids, then you should also make your kids feel comfortable during the trip. Nowadays, you can get a lot of tips to make kids comfortable during the trip. But not all of the tips will fit the needs of you kids. You have to choose tips that match your kids’ personality.
In this article, I will give you tips to have a long but comfortable trip with your extrovert and introvert kids.
Extrovert Kids
They will love to sing, chatting with strangers, read-a-loud a book, play guessing, calling grandparents. That would make them happy. They need to pour their mind to anyone who would listen to them! That will make them happy. Extrovert kids need to be reminded to take a break, so as not too tired on the long trip.
Introvert Kids
Introvert kids will enjoy their solitude. Books, music, photography or a conversation with the parent and the person whom they know would help get rid of the boredom and makes time seem to pass quickly. They do not feel the need to talk to strangers. When feeling tired, they will easily fall asleep. My son is introvert. He loved photography and music to spend in on a long trip. Occasionally he would fall asleep, or eat food that we had brought. He chatted a lot with us but has no interest in conversing with strangers, unless we get him to engage in our conversations with strangers.
By knowing your kid's personality, parents can accompany the child to pass the time during long trips without feeling bored. Believe me, a long trip was exhausting physically, and will be even worse if it is done without fun. If you like traveling, make your family happy with their traveling too, so that your kids will be excited by your traveling ideas and willing to join the fun with you.
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