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The Effects of Homeschooling To My Marriage

effects of homeschooling to marriage
Homeschooling is a way for family to educate their own child in their own way. This means, all family members should involved to get the homeschooling doing good. We can’t separate homeschooling with marriage. If your marriage happy, your homeschool child will learn well, but if not, your homeschool child will unhappy too, their learn will miserable.


The Unveiled Wife - A Book Review

I feel this is not a coincidence, when I read “The Unveiled Wife”, my husband go to other island and left me alone only with my son for a couple days, and we are planning to move to Sumatera island. These two facts bring me to stressful condition. 
When I alone only with my son and my excessive workload, I feel overload and also helpless. That’s sometime make me cry. I continue to ask God, why I have to face this burden? The fact that we will move to Sumatera island is also give me some burden. It’s been 40 years I live in a big city at Java, which has good means of living. In contrary, at Sumatera we will live in a very small village. Can you imagine how hard the adaptation process that we had to face? This all happened because of my husband. 



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