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Should We Give The Best Gift For Baby?

Welcoming a new baby is a very encouraging moment. Especially if that happens to my friend, I feel happy with them, because the baby will bring happiness to his parents. I express my happiness by giving gifts to my friend who has a newborns baby so that their needs can be met. But the problem is: gifts for babies seem like all the same from time to time. So when I chose a gift at the Baby Shop, what was come in my mind was: "I am pretty sure that my other neighbor bought this for the baby too!" They’ll buy the same gift! I certainly do not want to give a gift that is not special. Moreover, I live in the village, the choice is not widely available in local baby shops and is very limited in number. How to get around this? Here are what I do lately if I have to choose a gift that can surprise the parents who are my good friend.


How To Choose The Best Gift For Mother's Day And Father's Day

Being away from my beloved mother always makes me sad, especially during Mother's Day. We usually celebrated it by enjoying the meal together, but now we can’t do it anymore. We’ve been separated for three years by the oceans and hundreds of kilometers away, and I was not home when Mother’s Day. But I want to make her happy. Well, as other daughters do to her mother, I send her a nice gift and have a nice conversation although it’s only by phone.


The Music Grows In The Yard, Is It Possible?

Music can’t be separated from everyday life. Music is part of our lives. We can get pleasure from listening to music, feeling sad, sympathetic, and fear because of the music. This awareness about the emotion that is affected by the music makes the film industry use music to influence the audience. In the family, parents can use music to direct the emotions of children to stay calm or to be happy. 



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