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Parent Guide: Traveling With Toddler To Country With Tropical Weather

What to be prepared if you want to go traveling to tropical country with toddler?
Countries near equator line have very exotic views of nature and animals. The beaches are so beautiful, especially when sunset or sunrise. And because of the climate, the area around equator also have the exotic traditional buildings. And the food…. Oh, soooo…. Yummy! The taste of spices and herbs are absolutely yummy! Many people said that if you traveling in a tropical country you will create lots of beautiful photos, that’s so true! That’s why people want to travel to the tropical country.

Parent guide: traveling with toddler to country with tropical weather

It is not easy for people from four seasons country to traveling to the tropical country, just because the weather is different. In short, the tropical country is hot! If you traveling with the adult, it won’t be a problem, but if you go with the toddler you must prepare them to the heat exposure.
These are what you will face during traveling to tropical countries and how to anticipate:
The humidity and hot weather
Always prepare some drink and fruit, give it to your toddler as often as possible to avoid dehydration. Wear a hat, avoid sunburned on your skin for a long time, use sunblock, wear clothing that will protect you from the sun but also protect you from excessive sweat.
The food are spicy!
If you traveling with the toddler to the tropical country, take your toddler to Chinese restaurant or western, you can easily find not spicy food there than in the local restaurant.
There are lots of kind of insects
Prepare a mosquito repellent and medication to treat insect bites. Do not open the door and window from the dusk until dawn to avoid insect go into your room.
Avoid tropical disease
Equip your toddler with vaccines before going to traveling. Take a bath twice a day to prevent skin diseases. Eat only healthy food and vitamin supplements, keep the dishes clean, and keep the address and phone number of hospital or doctor nearest to the hotel. You will never know what can happen to your toddler in tropical country. Anticipating is the best way.
Although you need to prepare for the worse, traveling to a tropical country is so much fun for you and your toddler.
Your kids can learn about different cultures, enjoy the sun, play with new friends, enjoy the taste of tropical fruits, live in a totally different house, and feel the fresh air in a brand new weather. But the most important thing is you’ll have precious memories with your family!
Have fun and go traveling to the tropical country.
You can download a FREE kids book about the weather in Indonesia, a tropical country, here.

The equator passes through 13 countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Sao Tome & Principe, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Maldives, Indonesia and Kiribati.

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