A Boy And His Notes - Christmas Story 1

christmas stories from Maria Magdalena Living Ideas
Story was written and illustrated by Maria Magdalena
Christmas is always a good and cheerful moment. Especially for a boy named Pandu. This year, he moved to a very new place. He moved to a coastal remote area hundred of kilometers away from his hometown.
According to Pandu, Christmas was the time to eat delicious food, to wrap the gifts, to make Christmas greeting cards, and to receive gifts! This is the most wanted season! But also the busiest season. A lot of things to do. How about you? Do you feel the same as Pandu?
November was the time to prepared for December. What to prepared? Shopped for food, gifts, made Christmas decorations, made some greeting cards, and send them! So much things that Pandu had to do!
Pandu didn't want to miss anything. He wanted a perfect Christmas. So, he started to write all his need. He made a list.

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