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10 Days of Homeschool Exam Preparations

Homeschooling parents should prepare their kids more intensively for the formal exams. This preparation often stressful for parents and also the kid. I had been there, and trust me, I was so stressful! That’s the reason why I choose this topic for the 10 Days Tips For Homeschool Moms series, is to help moms to prepare kids for formal examination.

10 days of homeschool exam preparations

However, there are two growing opinions among the homeschool family, some families agree that formal exams must be taken by homeschool kids, but some families agree that homeschool kids do not need formal exams. These posts are intended to help families who want to prepare their children for the formal exams.
Here are the topics I will discuss in the series of 10 Days of Homeschool Exam Preparation:
1. Learn about the homeschooling examination
2. Communicating about the examination to the kid
3. Find The Right Books and Websites
4. Find Out How Your Kid Learns The Best
5. Set The Schedule
6. What if the kid gets boring?
7. Preparing the kid with the situations of the exams.
8. Provide children with best nutritional and personal-care.
9. Methods of avoiding stress for kid and parent
10. Prepare stationery and comfortable clothes
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