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Resources for Homeschooling With Google Play Books

As a homeschool family, we are free to choose which educational resource which will be used by our kids. Books, educational games and toys, craft materials, we can choose all that match with our family’s need. Some family choose the best curriculum for their children, even if the curriculum is expensive. And some family choose religious curriculum according to their religion.

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Since the beginning of our homeschooling, me and my husband choose to use Cambridge curriculum. Why? Just because of its simplicity. For primary stage, Cambridge give us freedom to choose whatever resources to be used. We used resources from various supplier, including books and educational websites.
Since last year, our son is at middle school, he need a more structured resources according to Cambridge. We choose Cambridge resources from Google Play Books. Why I choose to bought digital edition? Our family live in a very small house at a company housing, we don’t have special room to keep those books. It will be nice if we bought the digital edition.
From Google Play Books, we bought Math, Science, and English. I also bought Economics as preparation for the new school year, this year.
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And, I think, English language art are also important, I bought The Tale of Despereaux and Beatrix Potter too.

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My son really enjoy learning with digital books, he can bring his books everywhere, especially when we go traveling, He can read whatever he wanted to read. No need to bring heavy books in our carrier. That is one advantage of having digital books.
Here another favorite resources from my homeschool felow bloggers: 

favorite resource

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Great set of homeschooling sources presented in the blog. Loved to read the blog

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