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DIY Friendship Bracelet

February is the month of love. It is the time to sending love expression. People send chocolate, flowers, jewellery, or card as a gift to someone that meaningful to their life.
As a crafter, I choose to gift my handmade to express my love. I also teach my son to do so. In my point of view, people will appreciate handmade.

diy friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelet is the right handmade to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends. It is the symbol of the love that can’t easily be separated. And you can make from any kind of materials, such as leather, string, fabrics, threads, or else.
On this post I make tutorial from faux leather, I am animal lover, I’m not going to make handmade from leather. I also add a flower to decorate the bracelet.
friendship bracelet diy 1This is the back part of faux leather, it have different pattern than leather
friendship bracelet diy 2The buttons and the tools to attach button
friendship bracelet diy 3The tool I use to press faux leather to make flower decoration
friendship bracelet diy 4The rivet and the tool to attach the rivet.
I use rivet to attach faux leather flower to the bracelet
First step is measure your friend’s wrist, add 2 cm to attach the buttons. Make pattern at the faux leather, measure the width about 1 cm. Cut the faux leather with cutter or scissor. Cut 2 lines as you can see on the video tutorial. And start to braid as the tutorial at this video:

You can attach a greeting tag to make your Valentine’s Day gift.
NOTE: this craft is not suitable to make by kids under 12 years old.
diy friendship bracelet 2
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0 #3 Jessica 2016-02-14 19:03
Thank you for this! These are the style of bracelets that I love!
0 #2 Maria Magdalena 2016-02-08 01:53
Quoting Helen Neale:
This is a lovely idea - such skill to create it as well. Thanks so much for taking part in the Love Blog Hop.

You are welcome Helen, thank you for reading my article.
+1 #1 Helen Neale 2016-02-04 14:36
This is a lovely idea - such skill to create it as well. Thanks so much for taking part in the Love Blog Hop.

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