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Learn How To Grow Peanuts

Do you like peanut? I do! I like boiled peanuts and roasted peanuts. I don’t really like peanut butter. But, whatever peanuts that you like the most, peanuts rich of protein, nutrition, and vitamin B, which is good for our health.
It is easy to plant peanuts. Teach your kids to plant peanuts, and they will see the magic comes from their yard! Before your kids start to plant, they need to figure out how to plant peanut. There are many websites that supply resources to learn about it, for example Wikipedia You can read it, and tell the summary to your younger kids, and have them read the worksheet I supply here (FREE DOWNLOAD) and ask them to tell the step-by-step to plant peanuts with the guidance from the worsheet.
Peanuts, ready to serve! Delicious! Yummy.......
After that, you can plant the peanuts, and harvest them several months later to see the magic!
And as usual… have fun with your kids! Pssst… It’s a science!
Some animals like peanuts, they now peanuts are good for their health
March is American National Peanut Month, here are some useful unit study resources about peanuts that you can use as your kids’ learning resources, click here:
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