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Christmas in Different Lands - Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that has thousands of cultures. People in Indonesia celebrating Christmas according to their own culture in 24-25 December. So, it can say that Indonesia has a lot of Christmas traditions. But the similarity is that we celebrate by going to the church and visiting family. The differences between those traditions generally about the food. People in Java celebrate Christmas by serving Javanese food, and so does people in Bali, they celebrate Christmas by serving Balinese food. But there is similarity among that food: cookies!
Christmas in different land: Indonesian christmas celebration
Cookies such as kaastengels, nastar, semprit, chocolate cookies and also emping (chips that made of the seeds of melinjo) are served as snacks for the guesses. When I was a kid, I really like those snacks, I was not stop eating until they were run out!
So, because I am Javanese, I will tell you about Javanese food that generally served at Christmas time, it is called: tumpeng nasi kuning.
Christmas in different land: Indonesian christmas celebration
Tumpeng nasi kuning is yellow rice that molded like a big cone. To make it, first you have to cook the nasi kuning (yellow rice), and then mold it to shape a big cone while the nasi kuning is still hot. We usually cover the inner of the mold with banana leaves, then fill the mold with hot yellow rice, and let the yellow rice be cool in the mold. When the yellow rice gets cool, we remove it from the mold but not remove the banana leaves until yellow rice being served. By those way, we keep the tumpeng nasi kuning delicious and tender when it served.
Tumpeng nasi kuning served with traditional fried chicken, urap sayur (vegetables with steamed spicy coconut shredded), fried tempe and tofu, perkedel (fried mashed potato covered with egg white), telur bumbu bali (boiled egg cooked with spicy Indonesian seasoning), kerupuk, fried noodles, or other favorite side dishes.
How to make the nasi kuning? Cook rice with water, coconut milk, turmeric, salt, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass. Cooked until the water is absorbed by the rice. Then steamed until well done.
It easy to cook tumpeng nasi kuning, and so delicious. Even the children love to eat tumpeng nasi kuning. Tumpeng nasi kuning also have good presentation, so it can be a centerpiece of dinner table at Christmas celebration. 
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My son is really into learning about the different customs throughout the world right now. I will have to check out some of the others too. But first I want to make your rice dish - it sounds so flavorful.

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